5 Steps To Fabulous Flights

By MWB Desk

How to stay refreshed on long haul flights

With travel restrictions continuing to ease up around the world, there are many heaving a sigh of relief at being able to indulge their wanderlust again. As long-haul flights resume, the same people are remembering the things they didn’t miss were the exhaustion and dry skin. But fret not. We have some hacks to have you feeling fresh and looking your best when you exit the plane.

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First, let’s talk food

As any doctor will tell you, the quality of your sleep is greatly affected by what you put into your body right before you hit the hay. This is doubly true if you’re going to take a long flight. Alcohol, coffee, and other stimulants are not the best idea, so cut down on your intake of the same before you board. Also, avoid heavy, fatty or spicy meals so that tummy discomfort doesn’t keep you up once you’re buckled in. Lighter, calorie dense foods such as oatmeal, bananas, cottage cheese and fiber rich foods can fill you up without stressing out your digestive system. 

Another perk of having fueled up before the flight is that you can choose not to partake of the salty processed snacks they offer onboard. If flight protocols allow it, having your own healthy snacks like homemade trail mix is a better option; if not, this might be a good time to give intermittent fasting a try. Not only is this a good way to combat jet lag, you can avoid the dreaded ‘airplane belly’ which happens when pressurized cabin air causes gas in the intestines.

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Pamper yourself pre-flight

Since the cabin air is death on the skin, prepare your dermis for battle by treating it to a professional facial a few days ahead of your flight. This will clear out the pores and aerate your skin ahead of your airport date. 

On the day of the flight, you really want to max out on a four-step routine: cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturize, using products suited to your particular skin type.

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Drink up

The single most important advice in life, and also in the case of lengthy travels, is that one must always stay hydrated. Get the party started early by upping your water intake at least twenty-four hours before your flight. 

Once you’re in air, it’s a good idea to avoid the chilled beverages and opt for warm liquids, like hot water or ginger tea, which keeps the stomach settled. You might have to take more bathroom breaks, but the trips to and from the loo are good for your circulation.

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In-flight TLC

As you get closer to landing, follow up with the proffered hot towels with a little mini face oil massage on yourself. Pack your favourite facial oil, which you apply onto your face and neck in soothing, circular motions. This will keep your skin looking plump and healthy until you land.

Invest in Some Sleep-Friendly Accessories

There are plenty of enemies to sleep on a long-haul flight, so it’s best to prepare accordingly. Dressing comfy, and packing a neck pillow are only part of it. You want noise-blocking headphones and a sleep mask, so that the loud babies and your seatmate’s choice of entertainment are no longer a threat.

With a game plan in mind, all you have to do is remember to pack your passport. Safe travels!

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