Dictionary Of Design

By MWB Desk

Useful terms for the décor obsessed

Love room makeovers? Obsessed with interior design? Whether you’re a newbie diving into a new interest, or a seasoned veteran of décor, here are a few terms to keep in your vocab arsenal.

Photo: Olenka Sergienko (Left), Kimberly Mead (Right)
AAesthetic: The overall ‘look’ of your space.
B Balance: the appropriate distribution of furniture, objects and design elements, or how colour is used throughout a space
C Context: The purpose and function of the space
D Drama: Because life’s too short for boring spaces. Liven it up with a sense of ‘wow’
E Elements: The fundamental aspects of your design

Photo: LeeAnn Cline
F Flow: The way that your eye moves or is led around the arrangement of your space
J Juxtaposition: Adopting two different styles within the same space
L Lighting: Can affect the entire ambience of your space, so choose wisely.
M Mood: Use colour, lights and textures to create one
N Neutrals. Always classic, always a safe choice. Could get boring, but done well, can be unbeatable
P Proportions: The relative size of a design element within a particular space or in relation to one another

Photo: Manja Vitolic (Left), Spacejoy (Right)

R Reclaim: With sustainability trending in every aspect of our lives, finding new uses for discarded mate
S Space: Because a room isn’t a room without some room to do what it was meant to do
T Texture: Elements of the design that appeal to the sense of touch. Used with care and confidence, it can elevate your space
U Unity: A connective thread through the various elements of your space that bring the look together
V Visual interest: Areas in your design that attract the eye. Make it pop!
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