Show Them Your True Colors

By MWB Desk

Colours have an effect on our psychology. Used wisely in décor, they can impact the function of a space.

KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King or KitKat – the color red  is prominent in all three brands. Have you wondered why?

According to many studies, warm colors like red evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Consequently, walking past a KFC banner may instantly instigate a spike in appetite, making you crave a bucket of chicken. 

This tells us about the impact colors can have in our lives. Colors can be dull, and can be bright – they can be an instant mood-lifter or a total buzzkill. In fact, a number of ancient cultures actively practiced “chromotherapy”, also known as light therapy or colorology, or the use of colors to heal. Colorology is still sometimes used nowadays as an alternative treatment, where red is used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation; yellow is thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body; orange is used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels; blue is believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain; and indigo shades are thought to alleviate skin problems.

Besides the “healing factor” colors bring within our lives, there are a lot more connotations associating mood, productivity and generic wellbeing with colors. They influence our decisions, both consciously and subconsciously in a number of occasions. For example, filmmakers use color to set the mood of the film even before the actors’ dialogues or action come into play. As audiences, we use the colors to deduce what the movie is trying to tell us, or the vibe it is trying to set.

Colors also have an impact in determining productivity and performance. Contrary to the previous analogy of the color red with the feeling of comfort, a lot of us have linked the presence of “red ink” with mistakes, failure or danger. Consequently, it was seen that students who had to wait in a red painted room before taking an exam showed significantly lower test results.

Although the perception of colors is subjective, there are some universal meanings to each color. The attention-grabbing red color evokes excitement, strength, love and energy, while orange calls for confidence, success, bravery and sociability. We commonly associate yellow with creativity, happiness and warmth, while believing green to be the color of nature and healing. Similarly, there is something we can associate each color with.

This understanding of color and its impacts come quite in handy while building or personalizing a space for yourself. Be it your house, your room, or a corner of your balcony – choosing the right colors can affect mood and productivity in multiple ways, as said earlier. For that, determining the right colors that appropriately express your personality is a must. Hence, the first thing you need do is to assess and figure out which color palette you can relate to the most. Perhaps, if you are an avid nature enthusiast, using splashes of green and brown shades can make up your happy place.

Painting walls with light pastel shades can add a great deal in turning your home into the calm escape you yearn for. In case you want to elongate your space, use of whites and off-whites can go a long way in making your living room look more spacious, keeping the calming aura intact. White reflects light, giving us a feeling of increased breathing space to accentuate the positive and uplifting vibe. If you are a livelier person who relishes the energy of bright colors, decorating your room with yellow paints and exciting patterns can be an instant mood-lifter and energy-buster. If dark colors are your language of expression, use of black, grey or other darker tones can make up your perfect space.

However, figuring out which color will suit a space best can become quite overwhelming. Apart from deducing favorite colors, deciding on a color palette for any room requires a lot of planning. In such cases, paint companies like Berger are here to help. Apart from offering top-notch products, Berger Experience Zone outlets provide comprehensive painting solutions through their trained color consultants. This complete one-stop painting solution addresses every single problem related to painting, and provides clients with aesthetically pleasing color schemes after inspecting the painting site thoroughly with different electronic devices. These experts of Berger Experience Zone outlets have developed illusions – a unique design painting solution. Moreover, you can also check out Berger Home Diaries ( – a lifestyle blog narrates the story of ideal homes. Each episode is filled with ideas to decorate one’s own space. You can simply go through the articles and pictures to take inspiration and tweak it according to your taste to get the perfect décor. 

When it comes to creating your perfect Zen space, colors play an unparalleled role. And when it comes to colors, Berger is here at your service, at all times!

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