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By MWB Desk

Homage by Anita Dongre is a nod to traditional art and architecture

Anita Dongre’s Homage is a celebration of a core philosophy- a knowledge that every garment is honoured by its wearer. Inspired by traditional art and architecture, and created for a muse who defies the pressure to either conform to or break free of societal expectations, Anita Dongre’s ‘Homage’ is an ode to a rich architectural history that is at once shape-shifting and inclusive. The collection reinterprets motifs and details in a range of crafts and techniques including Bandhini and Benarasi.

‘Homage’ spotlights alchemical shapes and patterns that transcend time. The juxtapositioned curves of architecture and their linear historic ruin are brought to life by Serena Jethmalani, a young lawyer whose passion lies in the intersection of law and human rights. The geometry and play of colour on ancient tiles are modeled by Tiana Taraporvala who uses music as a medium to make people feel an emotional catharsis through her stories. Etchings that tell forgotten but distinct stories shine in the light of Sara Tendulkar who has contributed in the development of skincare products with an international company. Rhea Kuruvilla who recognizes how the industry of art is heavily dominated by men, has made it her mission to advocate harder for female-identifying South Asian artists, curators, and critics. Alaviaa Jaaferi, a fashion influencer, and entrepreneur lends her charm to highlight the transience of time- in architecture and human will. In each piece photographed the woman featured has chosen elements to customise her lehenga and make it her own– a service long cherished by Anita Dongre brides.

“Homage is a true marriage of the old and the new in form and function, each of these intricately-detailed lehengas, tells a unique story of craft and culture. We worked with master artisans to recreate quintessential motifs in an array of crafts and colour, and shot with young women who are so deeply their own person. All of this against the beautiful backdrop of Six Senses Fort Barwara, a 14th-century fort sensitively restored through significant conservation efforts. The design of Six Senses Fort Barwara in Rajasthan reinterprets the gracious and regal ambience of a bygone era dating back 700 years.”

Shot at the breath-taking Six Senses Fort Barwara in Rajasthan, ‘Homage’ by Anita Dongre features handpainted Pichwai, signature gota patti, handwoven benarasi, and bandhani, in a rich palette of forest greens, blush pinks, fiery reds, sunset purples, and soothing creams and blues. Six Senses Fort Barwara made a natural choice for this display given a shared commitment to sustainability, treasuring of local craft and community.

This collection of lehengas, sarees, ghararas is available at Anita Dongre flagship stores and online (

Photos: Anita Dongre

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