3 Apps To A Better Mood

By MWB Desk

Feeling low? Try these three apps to de-stress.

Logging in can feel a little like playing Russian roulette these days. From global conflict, to rising sea levels, from economic downturns, to the next rage-inducing communal conflict, whether you get your news from social media or a news media outlet, it’s all very triggering. Post 2020, there’s no shortage of reasons to be stressed out. How does one deal?

First, take a breath. Life in Bangladesh comes hand in hand with stress, but that doesn’t mean you have to remain unbalanced. Prioritizing your mental and emotional health isn’t just a fad; it’s essential to your wellbeing. If the world around you is starting to get to you, try these three websites and apps to manage your feelings and decompress, so you can recharge and be ready to face life’s ups and downs.


Do find yourself getting overwhelmed by traffic and construction noises? Notice how a walk in the park or on your rooftop garden has the opposite effect? This is because the sounds of nature can have a demonstrable positive affect on your wellbeing. While it’s (usually) not possible to find a forest to bathe in at work, Earth.fm allows you tune into natural soundscapes from wild places for a quick nature fix when you need it. Better yet, Earth.fm is also working with partners to support wildland restoration projects all over the globe.


When your head feels jammed, games are a great way to unwind. Unpacking, which has been described as a “non-action game,” is delightfully retro experience that turns the chore of unpacking boxes into a meditative puzzle—with a little soothing home decor thrown in, too. In the course of unboxing and rearranging items, you’ll also get to unpack the character of an off-screen character, and let your imagination fill in the blanks.


What’s a more Bangali way to chill out and destress than with a good ol’ cup of cha. It’s safe to say that for most people stuck in the city, a tea habit can become a personality trait. Elevate your tea game and turn it into a true wellness ritual with Steeped, a handy app that offers step-by-step instructions for a wide range of brewing methods and tea types.

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