Stylish Add-Ons For Your Outfit

By Nivedita

Accessorising for men is becoming bolder, edgier, and fancier. We curate the essential layering your outfits need to stand out

Accessories are meant to express style, compliment outfits, and bring individuality to the table. While women do that beautifully, men sometimes lack the confidence to exercise the integration of jewellery and other accessories. However, with the emergence of Hollywood’s love for jewellery by the likes of Johnny Depp, who is mostly seen with a multitude of personalised bracelets, rings, and necklaces, Robert Downing Jr. and Harry Styles, men are truly shedding shyness and taking the bold step of accessorising with aplomb.

No matter where in the world, men’s jewellery and accessories are taking on a bold look, and the result is well-dressed, stylish men making a statement with their choices. According to celebrity stylist Esha L Amin, whether you’ve put maximum effort into curating the perfect capsule wardrobe or you’re a man only interested in of-the-moment styles, the right finishing touches are essential.

“Necklaces, bandanas, bow ties, brooches, scarves, and so many more, this season is bringing attention to the full range of neck accessories,” Amin, who has worked with stars like Saif Ali Khan tells MW, and emphasises on uplifting your outfit with an unexpected accessory that’s sure to turn heads.

According to Himanshu Jain, founder of Mensome, a brand that has a variety of men’s accessories and grooming products, the men’s accessories market is expected to increase with growing consumer demand. “The market, which was earlier dominated by unorganised players, is getting organised with the entry of many big brands and D2C startups,” he adds. Internationally, too, many big jewellery brands have expanded their reach to the men’s market. For example, Tiffany & Co. has launched a dedicated men’s line, Foundrae has moved into a gender- neutral space, and Mikimoto is partnering with Comme des Garçons to give a modern touch to pearls. Tom Wood and Luis Morais, too, are venturing into the men’s jewellery market.

In the Indian market, some men still prefer to wear shiny gold chains, which are a symbol of luxury and money, and others prefer to wear simple chains with a pendant or tag. “Traditional gold chains still dominate the market, but we are seeing a creative trend where metal chains are embedded with rudraksha beads,” details Jain. Also, men are doing more layering around their neck, with personalised name tags and religious pendants made up of the metal of nature.

According to Ravi Gupta, creative director at Gargee Designers, a brand worn by the likes of Rajkummar Rao, Arbaz Khan, Jitendra Kumar etc., a popular jewellery trend is the layering of necklaces. “The chain styles currently feature styles from thinner to chunkier. A return to parties has also led to people opting for chokers that can easily be paired with a casual or dressier outfit,” he says.

Also, the demand for single chains has always been there, but has increased since the trend of layering came into place. Some of the trendiest neckpieces in town are rope chain necklaces, curb chain necklaces, box chain necklaces, Figaro chain necklaces, Rolo chains, and wheat chains, to name a few.

“Apart from these, many other options are available as well, like leather chains, beaded chains, etc. Men can also experiment by wearing pendants that are specifically designed for them with a subtle design. There are some unisex pendants available, which have a very simple design and look cool on men,” says designer Dishi Somani, founder of Dishi Designer Jewellery, a brand that also has its presence in the USA, Australia, and parts of Europe.

Esha Amin curates a list of styles that are worth experimenting with and how to wear them:

Bandanas: We’re big fans of a square scarf worn in a triangle-fold style around the neck with an unbuttoned button-down over a crew neck T-shirt for a relaxed look.

Pearl Jewellery: Keep it simple with a medium-length string of small pearls. Wear them with layered looks so they peek out from your open button-down or cardigan.

Chains: A chain necklace is a simple accessory yet one that comes in countless styles and sizes. You can get a shorter and thinner one if you’re looking for something subtle, or you can go with a thicker or longer one for more volume.

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