Gucci Celebrates The Carnival Spirit

By MW Desk

Following the success of the Florentine luxury House’s high watchmaking debut last year, Gucci presented its second series of high watchmaking collections at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva

Half a century ago, Gucci Swiss Timepieces presented the world with a new horological design proposition —watches combining unparalleled Swiss technical know-how with the best of Italian design. Since then, the House made its long-awaited debut in 2021, showcasing Swiss-made designs with technological flair, elevated materials, and unique decorative artistry.

For 2022, the brand celebrates the 50th anniversary of Gucci Swiss Timepieces with its second series of high watchmaking collections at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva. The collection is inspired by a magical fairground, combining the world of complications with rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders.

From the impossibly sleek Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon, the precious G-Timeless Planetarium, and the celestial G-Timeless Moonlight to the fun G-Timeless Dancing Bees and the bright Grip Sapphire, each timepiece reflects a kaleidoscope of the brand’s technological flair and Italian design aesthetic.

Along with the release of the new editions, Gucci Swiss watchmaking celebrates its golden jubilee with an exhibition paying tribute to 50 Years of Visionary Watch Design. This exceptional Geneva exhibition underlines the Florentine luxury House’s visionary influence on watch design from 1970 to today. The House has assembled a treasure trove of modern-era creations, from the curious desk clocks and watch diaries of the 1950s to the handbag watches of the 1960s and semi-precious stone bangle watches of the 1970s, and many more.

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