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Contic’s river cruises offer you an unparalleled escape

A three-hour drive on the Dhaka-Aricha highway, past bright yellow mustard fields, takes you to the Contic jetty. And just like that, the city stress melts away as you embark on your luxe escape. Contic (Confluence of Technology Ideas and Culture), a concern of Friendship NGO, Bangladesh, is a river tourism operator that offers cruises through Shitalakhya, Dhaleshwari, Padma, Meghna, and Jamuna, all the way up to the Sundarbans.

“Contic offers you a chance to explore Bangladesh on authentic wooden boats that not only give life to a fading tradition of the ancient river boat capital of the world, but also provide an ecologically sound way to discover the natural sights of the country. Our boats bring you the charm and beauty of the ancient with the conveniences and comforts of the modern.”

In a bid to prove that one can enjoy a luxury cruise in an eco-friendly way, which is tied to the cultural roots of our riverine country, the company launched the B613 in 1997. This is a riff on the traditional malar boats that ply the waterways of Pabna. Completely constructed out of wood, it was constructed according to the millenary techniques used by Brahmaputra carpenters, and can accommodate a maximum of 30 people. It boasts six bedrooms, with two lounges, and a functional kitchen. The cabins are shaded by bamboo roofs, and the lounge areas are kitted out with floor cushions, comfortable chairs, rattan moras and a daybed. Board games are provided for entertainment, and there is a dining station and tea station that provide a generous amount of mouthwatering treats.

They have an additional boat, the Fleche D’Or, a sailboat which was just made for all those Instagram reels.

From October to January, the company offers both day trips and overnight cruises. To find out more, and to book your next amazing getaway, check out their website:

Photos: Md Arifuzzaman

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