The Beauty Of The Bougainvillea

By MWB Desk

Anavila’s festive collection takes inspiration from an ubiquitous blossom

Walk or drive down the parched streets of any South Asian city during the summer, and you will be greeted by a riot of colour, tumbling down terraces and climbing over walls. These explosions of pink, orange and white Bougainvillea blossoms are a sight for sore eyes, bursting in a merry celebration of beauty as rebellion against neglect. Anavila’s festive collection of linen sarees and separates, ‘Kagaj Baha’ takes its name and inspiration from these riotous flowers. This is a collection that celebrates the little things in bright happy colours with hand drawn motifs and detailed bougainvillea prints on sarees and dupattas.

“I have worked with Santhali craftspeople for years studying their intricate khatwa (applique) work. I remember then hearing peals of laughter as children ran around the village delighted at the bloom of bougainvillea, or Kagaj Baha as they called it. These are memories that always put a smile on my face and remind me of the simple pleasures in life. I wanted to infuse this festive collection with that same sense of joy and wonder filling it with striking visuals like the bougainvillea does in every corner.”


Here’s a little secret about the bougainvillea. Its flowers are barely visible to the eye, so the clever plant transforms some of its leaves into bright explosions of colour to attract more insects for the pollination process. This humble plant of wonder inspires Anavila’s festive collection of silk cord sets and garden shirts for that easy, breezy festive joy. The Nova sets have details in linen, satin and zari. The collection also includes linen sarees in solid festive tones, unusual plaids, stripes and metallic sheen. They are paired with blouses detailed with zari and delicate hand embroideries.

Photos: Anavila

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