Symphony of rivers and hills

By MWB Desk

Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts inaugurated an exhibition titled “Symphony of Rivers and Hills” on October 15, at Gandhi Memorial Center, Western Avenue, Bethesda, Washington DC, USA. The exhibition showcases the artworks of two eminent Bangladeshi artists: Jamal Uddin Ahmed and Kanak Chanpa Chakma. The exhibition was open till October 30

Our very first cover star, the celebrated Ekushey Padak winner Jamal Ahmed has won hearts around the world with his sweeping, kinetic paintings, a pastiche of a life in harmony with nature. He prefers to work with acrylic, charcoal, and pastel, and is considered the pioneer of acrylic painting in Bangladesh.

“The themes of my paintings for this exhibition mostly include boatmen, flood-affected people, bucolic panoramic views, rivers, and riverine people. I want to represent Bangladesh and its people through my paintings in the international arena. I am glad Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts has arranged this exhibition on the international platform which will create new opportunities for Bangladeshi artists henceforth”

Jamal Uddin Ahmed

Multi award-winning Kanak Chanpa Chakma’s body of work, a mesmerizing combination of semi-realistic and abstract motifs, has given voice to the lives of the indigenous minority communities in Bangladesh

“I have prepared artworks for this exhibition, some of which have taken years to complete. I have introduced some new subjects such as indigenous festivals, and rituals. I wanted to portray that despite the immense struggle and grief of indigenous people, how beautifully and devotedly they perform all their festivals. I believe, this exhibition will create a bridge for accomplished and upcoming artists to showcase their works on international platforms very easily”

Kanak Chanpa Chakma

A total of 44 artworks have been exhibited at the event; 22 artworks by Jamal Uddin Ahmed and 22 works by Kanak Chanpa Chakma. The exhibition was curated by art activist Sultan M. Mineuddin.

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