6 Upcoming Video Game Titles To Watch Out For

By Sharan Sanil

With dozens of epic reveals already making headwaves, this iconic lineup for 2023 offers plenty of big franchise thrills for every gamer out there

Genre: Action Adventure

The latest Assassin’s Creed title promises a long-awaited return to the series’ roots, forgoing RPG elements for a greater emphasis on the action, parkour, and conspiracy-
theory storylines that made the originals so iconic. Set in 9th century Baghdad, it follows the story of Basim Ibn Ish’aq, who joined the league of the ‘Hidden Ones’ —
promising a dark tale of corruption that sees a street thief turn into a master assassin.

Genre: Survival MMO

While the Dune franchise hit mainstream appeal back with Denis Villeneuve’s hugely popular film reboot back in 2021, it was clear that the video game industry would follow suit, giving some of us old-school fans a chance to rejoice. While the relatively recent 4X title Dune: Spice Wars gave us an immersive taste of the Duniverse’s battling factions, none of us expected to see a large-scale MMO experience set on Arrakis —pretty much the first of its kind. With plenty of survival elements already baked into the IP’s story and setting, we’ve got our fingers crossed for this one.

Genre: Survival Horror

Those of you who spent the early 2010s both terrorised and captivated by the Dead Space franchise’s dark, ultraviolent take on sci-fi horror, would have perked up the moment this exciting new project shared a trailer back in August. The team behind that modern classic has now whipped up a new survival-horror experience titled The Callisto Protocol, which puts us in the shoes of Jacob Lee, a prisoner living in the year 2320, struggling to survive in the midst of an alien invasion. While the general gameplay seems a bit ‘samey’ compared to its spiritual predecessor, it’s definitely worth keeping on your wish list if you’re into disturbing, dark high-concept horror.

Genre: Action RPG

It’s pretty much the fantasy dream game for millions of Hogwarts-hungry kids all over the world — a chance to step into the most immersive Wizarding World experience ever made. It’s also exciting to see that we don’t get to play the good guys this time— with plenty of twisting storylines and promising replayability, this one’s likely to spend a long time on my ‘currently playing’ list.

Genre: Soulslike RPG

A reboot of the 2014 attempt at remixing the classic Dark Souls formula, Polish developers CI seem ready to draw in a hungry new generation of fans after the incredible success of Fromsoft’s Elden Ring. The new game is set over a thousand years after the events of the original, and features a much larger, beautifully conceptualised world, plenty of questing, and the same high-stakes gameplay loop that deserves a reimagining for the next generation of gaming.

Genre: Action RPG

After facing plenty of controversy for gameplay choices, thematic differences from the original Arkham games, and bloated fan expectations, Gotham Knights’ most recent trailer gives us a solid glimpse into one of the biggest open-world DC Universes we’ve ever seen, especially through its huge roster of villains (and heroes). With repeats through Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze, fans greatly appreciated the return of the much-overlooked Clayface— as well as subtle nods towards The Court of Owls and Two-Face, both of which promise a high-stakes storyline that we’re excited to sink our teeth into.

Image by Victoria Model

Reproduced with permission from Mansworldindia.com

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