First All-Electric Mercedes AMG Is Stunning

By Anubhav Sharma

The EQS 53 AMG is the most un-AMG-looking AMG. It is futuristic looking, powerful, and the most aerodynamic car in the world

The first all-electric Mercedes AMG, built on an all-new, pure electric platform is mega, whichever way you look at it. AMGs have thrilled enthusiasts over decades, with raw power and their glorious soundtracks. All petrolheads have, somewhere deep down, accepted that electric is the future, but must the hallowed three-lettered brand go that route too? Well, the said brand has gone down that route and the result is astonishing.

The EQS 53 AMG is probably the most un-AMG-looking AMG, although photos do not do it justice. In person, it is quite futuristic, with its sleek and low-slung look and the beautiful Panamericana grille lends a little bit of menace. Built on the brand-new Electric Vehicle Architecture platform, the EQS is the most aerodynamic car in the world with a drag coefficient of just 0.2. The AMG here is at .23 Cd, thanks for the large 21-inch wheels. The design is more avant-garde than traditional, and fitting in a car which could help shape the future of EVs from the three-pointed star. On the AMG, the performance sedan look works, I feel, and will appeal to a niche audience. Only those comparing it with the S-class may be disappointed, otherwise, the EQS 53 AMG is quite impressive in person.

If the exterior looks futuristic, the interior is definitely that. The 56-inch hyperscreen is the hero in the cabin, more like three heroes since with three separate screens, in one massive glass panel. Regardless of that technicality, it is a wow feature. The central screen is 17.7 inch, which has everything you need; the main functions are always easy to reach. The front passenger gets a dedicated screen too through which she or he can access navigation, music, vehicle info, and other controls. The third screen is the digital instrument, which we have all seen in newer Mercs that come with MBUX. The UI is genuinely next-level, with almost no latency. Since the future will have no buttons, the EQS 53 AMG doesn’t too. It is all a game of touch, slide, and click, which works well. The AMG-ness has not been forgotten here, despite the tech overload, and there are dedicated performance menus and even the AMG Track Pace data logger for when you hit a track. Fat chance of that happening with most buyers, but the car is ready if you are game.

The cabin has everything you expect in a flagship Mercedes, and some more. The seats are comfortable, with the front ones getting massage and ventilation whereas the rear seats only get ventilation. Probably Merc’s attempt to remind you to be in the driver’s seat, it is an AMG after all. If you are more inclined towards the rear seats, there is ample legroom and headroom. The 17-speaker Burmester surround system is fantastic as expected, and the dedicated touchpad at the rear lets you customise your ambiance. The ride is not floating-on-a-cloud like in the S-Class, but not bone jarring like in a sporty sedan too. The 21-inch wheels are the reason, I feel, but it is not a deal-breaker. With a claimed range of 523-580 kms, range anxiety is dealt with easily. Mercedes Benz India has announced their plans of setting up a network of fast chargers across the country, which should make cross country trips in the EQS easier.

However, if you are the type who is more interested in the performance aspect of the EQS 53 AMG, you will not be disappointed. The numbers are impressive on paper and staggering in real life. 761hp and 1,020 Nm of torque. Yes, that is not a typo; the EQS 53 AMG comes with a four-figure torque number. In a sedan, with no engine! This is hypercar territory and the EQS delivers, and how. The acceleration is brutal and addictive. It takes you more than 3.5 seconds, the first time, to figure out how you are over 100kmph. It is one smooth, loaded whoosh and it is a lot of fun. You have to remind yourself that this car weighs over 2.5 tons, and yet it does these runs effortlessly. There is a Race mode too, only when the battery is charged over 75 per cent but I don’t think you will need it. Sport+ and Comfort are fast enough. Will you miss a rumbling V8 when you do these runs? I did, but the way the EQS 53 AMG launches, over and over is nothing short of impressive. If pure speed is your kick, this car can be your fix.

It is not an inexpensive fix, as you may have figured out by now. All the futurism comes at a price, naturally, and at Rs 2.55 cr (ex-showroom) the EQS 53 AMG is affordable only for a few. Out of those few also, some might choose the EQS 580 which is almost a crore less than the EQS 53 AMG and perhaps the more sensible choice if you want a luxurious green car. The EQS 53 AMG is more than a luxurious green car though; it is a glimpse into the future of performance cars, today. It is proof that a green future need not be a slow one, and that gives me hope.

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