Gucci’s Take On Luxe Travel

By MW Desk

If you’re revenge travelling, chances are you need a cool set of luggage pieces to make your travel easy. Gucci has introduced Gucci Valigeria — a collection for those who love travel culture, and everything about it

Whether it is about hitting the slopes, running errands in a foreign land, or having an in-flight add-on, your travel accessories can make a lot of difference. Investing in pieces that go a long way can be fruitful, and Gucci has found a way for you to do that with ‘Gucci Valigeria’ — a heritage-infused travel collection.

The origins of travel in the Italian Maison go back a long way. When Guccio Gucci made his way to Paris and London, he started off as a porter at The Savoy, admiring the concept of travelling. These profound experiences led to him inspiring his first travel suitcases, trunks, bags, hat boxes, and many others, founded in Florence. Similarly, in 2022, we are experiencing a revolution in travel, and the reimagination of luggage accessories seems like an ideal fit.

For Gucci Valigeria’s campaign, creative director Alessandro Michele sets the campaign in a dreamlike dimension that goes beyond the boundaries separating it from reality to recount a present built on the possibilities of the imagination. Lensed by Glen Luchford, featuring actor, screenwriter, director, and musician Ryan Gosling, the travel collection brings out a journey created by intuitions and endless possibilities.

In a press note, Michele explains the campaign concept: “Travel for Gucci was never purely physical. Gucci is the brand that accompanied the artists, writers, actors, and directors of Hollywood on their journey. This is why I wanted the advertising campaign to recount a situationist dimension where the protagonist traverses a “non-place” that is first and foremost a mental place, the same as those who, in the past and present, choose Gucci because they grasp the significance of creativity used to build imaginary places. And it is for this reason that a Gucci suitcase appears as a magical suitcase.”

Catering to every type of traveller, the collection offers cabin-friendly pieces to trolleys, carry-on to carry-all duffle bags, and a variety of unique silhouettes including bowling bags, bowling totes, and box totes. The hard-case offerings include trunks, suitcases, and hat boxes with a hint of a modern take. The garment bags and beauty and jewellery cases are included in both hard and soft versions of the collection. All the pieces from Gucci Valigeria are crafted with heritage-infused design elements, including the GG monogram and the Web stripe, offered in soft and hard-sided iterations.

A classic yet timeless collection fitting the aesthetic of every individual for years to come.

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