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NFTs are digital tokens used to prove ownership of an asset. They’re also one of the fashion industry’s hottest commodities. India’s favourite little hat brand Myaara is jumping on the bandwagon with a collection of NFT hats

Growing up in Madhya Pradesh, Namrata Lodha, was no stranger to baskets and implements woven from wheatgrass. It was during her travels in North America that she noticed that hats woven from the familiar material were everywhere. In 2019, at age 52, she took a leap of faith, and started her own hat label, Myaraa. The sustainable brand, which has a wide collection of Indo-European headpieces, quickly gained traction, became a B-town favourite, and currently sells worldwide.
What seemed from the outside as a gamble really paid off because Lodha was quick to identify a need in the market for a product like hers, and capitalized on it. And now, it seems, her brand has its eye on the digital fashion space. Myaraa recently launched their first ever NFT collection.

“We’ve worked with some of the best creative resources on this project and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved. We’re excited to share these cute NFT’s with you and hope you’ll join us on this journey of discovery.”

Namrata Lodha
Founder, Myaraa

What is an NFT in fashion?

NFTs (non fungible tokens) are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that prove an asset’s ownership. These tokens can be traded safely, with transaction history recorded on a Blockchain – a decentralized, digital public ledger, which guarantees transparency around authenticity and ownership.

While NFTs are typically associated with digital assets such as images or videos, they are also used to record ownership of physical goods such as real estate, artwork, and increasingly, clothing.

Fashion NFTs range from virtual garments that customers can wear within virtual environments, digital content with which owners can interact, and even digital twins of physical creations.

With this collection, Myaraa intends to create a community of hat lovers and bring their love for hats to the world. They’re on an adventure to connect with all the hat enthusiasts in an exclusive way that makes them feel like they’re at the center of their universe.

Their NFT collection – Vacay Panda is the first step in that direction. The collection is fun, playful, and truly unique. Through this collection you see the Panda in a Jazz hat, Oversized floppy hat, Raffia hat and in a Summer shade visor hat.

NFTs: Myaraa

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