The Making of Kuhu III

By MWB Desk

The exhibition was a culmination of five years of contemplation

The last time we spoke to Kuhu Plamondon, she was preparing for her exhibition at Bay’s Edge Gallery.

The exhibition, titled The Making of Kuhu III was what she called a “culmination of the past five years,” sponsored by Mercedes Benz and Citibank, and was up for display at the Edge Gallery until November 23.

Kuhu has, over her lengthy career, straddled both the art world and the fashion industry with aplomb, and the merging of her two passions is ever present in her art. While she is well known for motifs like waterlilies, tuberoses, strong women, especially faces, this particular collection was a meditation on the pandemic years, so visitors and patrons also got to see technicolor cityscapes and dreamlike semi-abstract scenes.

“During the lockdown days of the pandemic, we were forced to live indoors, like cocoons. The lifting of the restrictions allowed us to emerge like butterflies,” Kuhu muses on her Metamorphosis series of semi-abstract paintings. In the years immediately preceding the pandemic, the artist had also travelled around South East Asia, and some of those themes were also present in the collection.

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