Fierce And Feminine

By MWB Desk

Verb by Pallavi launches ‘Viaje’, a collection oozing with Rebel Girl cool

Verb by Pallavi recently launched a festive winter collection called Viaje, which offers up an updated version of the Swinging Sixties’ rock girl vibe. Sleek, simple silhouettes create a frame for bold retro prints in a way that is undeniably cool.

And who better to tell this story than the brand’s founder Pallavi Singhee? The Kolkata based designer reportedly embarked on her fashion career when she ran into Sabyasachi Mukherjee at an airport and convinced him to give her a job. After four years under the mentorship of one of the greats, she decided to branch out and start her own thing.

Viaje is an ode to women owning their style – in a way that it’s become a sense of self.

The element of ease tumbles from her knowing her personal style because she’s built it around herself and it can never be duplicated. Her individuality in dressing is idiosyncratic to her and is ever evolving.

With a nod to the festive winter season, the current collection features a palette of jewel tones, motifs lifted from folk art traditions, a variety of textures and finishes, and plenty of sparkles. The brand has chosen to build the fashion story around the idea of a party-loving fashionista. As stated in the collection note:

“This girl, encumbered in fine jewels that accent her eclectic clothing immaculately, possesses an undone – yet completely chic look. A look that leaves you wanting to know her more, wanting to know where she’d come from and how she attained such aplomb from her travels. She is endearing and yet completely and utterly SEXY.
She lets her hair down; mixes print and textures and recreates her own style through inspirations drawn from present and past. It’s in the way she moves.”

The Viaje collection is available for purchase from the Verb online store

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