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Anita Dongre launches vegan, cruelty free accessories

Luxury accessories have often defaulted to leather bags, belts, and shoes, a material that is as cruel to its source as it is to the earth and artisans. Besides the cruelty of using animal hide, the leather industry is notorious for using carcinogens that make industry workers sick and neighbourhoods unlivable from toxic dumping into waterways. With her newest launch- a line of plant-based vegan luxury handbags, Anita Dongre looks to change the trend and make accessories that are both luxurious and kind. 

This line of plant-based vegan bags and belts uses technology beloved by the largest brands in the world– MIRUM®. This new plant-based material is 100% natural, 0% plastic, and cruelty free. It is also 100% recyclable & bio-neutral, leaving a smaller footprint after its time is up, giving us a line of luxury that is, at last, a climate-friendly, plastic-free option to leather and other substitutes. The collection also features handcrafted bags made with recycled glass beads.

“The vegan accessories line is a dream come true with material sciences presenting us with leather alternatives that are luxurious and high quality while being cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. This line is created for women who wear their values on their sleeve, a philosophy of fashion that includes conscious, ethical, and timelessly elegant pieces.”

 ~Anita Dongre

The launch edit comprises of the statement Swan Mini Grab Bag, the Birds Of A Feather Crossbody Bag,  the Nocturnal Glass Beaded Bag, Champagne Gold Glass Beaded Bag, the Birds of a Feather Belt & the Haathi Belt. These products are inspired by nature and Anita’s love for animals.

5% of proceeds from this line of accessories will be donated to the India Animal Fund that works towards a future where animals are treated with the care and love they deserve.

Photos: Anita Dongre

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