Bold Moves

By MWB Desk

Take some decor risks in 2023

After two years of lockdowns and a year of recovery amidst a whole barrelful of bad news, we’re all in need of some serious decor therapy to rejuvenate our spaces. Here are some bold design trends to try to bring a bold new energy into your home.


When Renaissance architecture gets a mod makeover, we get a major inspiration for the arches trend that’s on fire for 2023. Look for powerful arched mirrors, doorways, furniture, and decorative elements that’ll appear this year. Arches bring in an organic, dynamic, and flowy feel to any space, especially in contrast to usual rectangular shaped rooms.

Photo: Burst by Shopify


Nothing alters the mood of a room than lighting, so we’re excited to see some really intriguing lighting options entering the scene. Play with scale with some show-stopping oversized pendants, or look for new and improved portable table lamps that don’t require to be plugged in. Wall lights and sconces are also looking much more sculptural and creative than ever before. 

Photo: Callum Hill


Galactic blue, a gorgeous deep, sky blue will also be a popular color this year and is dynamic enough to be used in any room. Find it in the year’s hottest material trend: Dark blue marble, or in wallpaper, bathroom vanities, accessories, and more. The deep blue decor is relaxing and accessible while making any space feel high-end.

Photo: Kaboompics


There’s always room for neutrals, but this upcoming year will see a rise of pastel tones taking over, and we can’t complain! As winter gives way to spring, try incorporating some berry tones like mauves, nudes, or lavender into your furnishings as a means of dipping your toes into this new trend. Putting some gender-neutral shades in your space can make you cheerful and calm, while also adding a luxurious element to your space. 

Photo: Micheile


In the age of Instagram, it makes sense that the trend of one bold statement wall is rising. This one’s definitely a good business decision for your workspace. Add a recognizable wall to your business, in alignment with your brand’s overall aesthetic, and it will do so much of the marketing for you. Customers will want a fantastic pic with your wall, and will be happy to share it on their social media. At home, this trend gives you a beautiful place to do video calls.

Photo: Steph Wilson

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