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Jannatul Ferdous Oishee was crowned Miss World Bangladesh in 2018 and is all set to conquer the silver screen

By Ayman Anika

The transition into showbiz from the world of pageantry is not easy, but the talented actor slash winner of Miss World Bangladesh 2018, Jannatul Ferdous Oishee has successfully completed this conversion. The charming and ambitious beauty, from the small town of Matibhanga, Pirojpur, is now a successful silver-screen actor. She has been winning the heart of the audience with her strong screen presence and brilliant performance in the films Mission Extreme and Raat Jaga Phul

Oishee hopped on a call with MWB to share her upcoming plans and ventures and the goals she intends to achieve. 

Did you always want to be an actor?

Honestly speaking, I had always wanted to be an actor. But I didn’t know the way or how to enter into the world of showbiz. From my childhood days, I dreamt of seeing myself on the big screen and working in the media. At the same time, I was also very afraid and was slightly hesitant to put myself in front of the world.

But as the saying goes, when you want something from your heart, the universe conspires to align things for you so that you can achieve it. So, this is how I found my way and now I’m pursuing my passion.    

Were you involved in other forms of art like singing or dancing?

I had always been involved in numerous cultural activities, and was also good at dancing and singing. And in my school, I was a parade commander and was very physically active as I used to participate in sports during my teenage years. I exhibited good leadership skills when I was in school, so my teachers always ensured that I would be in charge, and choreographed the cultural programs.

At one point, I was trained for scouting, and learned karate; but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue it. So, to sum up, I learned a lot of skills and art, but they didn’t evolve into a fully-fledged passion of mine.    

What sort of shows do you like to watch?

I love watching young adult movies that portray real life realistically. Simply put, the movies that I find relatable to my life. For example, one of my favorite movies is Chalo Paltai (2011), which deals with the struggle and anxiety that students have to tolerate nowadays. I watched it when I was in class six and after a few years, I watched 3 idiots (2009), which also expanded my view and helped me adopt a refreshing outlook towards life.

And frankly, I don’t like watching thrillers or action movies, I would rather spend my time watching a good rom-com!  

Who is your favorite writer? 

I thoroughly enjoy reading books, and the person whose writing has made me read books in the first place is Humayun Ahmed. He is without any doubt a brilliant writer. Along with his books, I also read books by writers like Anisul Hoque, Ahmed Sofa, and plays by Shakespeare.   

Share a special moment from Miss World Bangladesh?

Undoubtedly, it was the moment I was crowned Miss World Bangladesh. But interestingly, I don’t remember that moment clearly. I was still in shock, because I honestly wasn’t expecting that I would be declared the winner. So, when I heard my name, it felt utterly surreal. I couldn’t believe it, but this special moment changed my life forever. 

Who do you consider your role model?

I adore Princess Diana. I think she is bold, beautiful, a rule-breaker, and has a sophisticated personality. But I don’t follow her blindly or try to imitate her. Honestly speaking, I don’t or can’t mirror someone entirely because of certain limitations. My country and society have specific traditions, rules, and regulations, and at the end of the day, I need to keep them in mind and live my life by being respectful to them. 

Which directors are you dying to work with?

If I have to name an international director, it would definitely be James Cameron. I also want to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Anurag Basu if I ever get the opportunity. And among our Bangladeshi directors, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and Amitabh Reza Chowdhury are on top of my list.

Both of your parents are social workers. Have you been influenced by your parents’ activism? 

I am very much inspired by my parents and grandfather who have been wholeheartedly involved in community service. I intend to do a lot of social work for the betterment of our society. To tell the truth, after winning Miss World Bangladesh, I had some big targets to achieve. However, I didn’t receive the support I needed to accomplish them. 

Nevertheless, I am determined to complete my goals and dreams. I am still involved in numerous charitable works and personally help many people. But I don’t like to make it public or display it on social media. 

Your performances in Mission Extreme and Raat Jaga Phul were hugely applauded by the audience. What’s next for you?

Two new films of mine are in the pipeline and these are due for release soon. One of them is Noor directed by Raihan Rafi and another one is Adam directed by Abu Towhid Hiron. I still haven’t signed any new films, but I hope to get involved in new projects soon.  

Fashion Direction & Styling: Mahmudul Hasan Mukul
Photographer: Farabi Tamal
Make-up & Hair: Ferdous Ahsan Orko
Wardrobe: Sciccoso

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