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Bateel’s premium gourmet dates and desserts will make any occasion worth celebrating

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From iftar invites to birthdays, from engagement announcements to the birth of a child, Bangalis love celebrating happy moments with something sweet. If you’re trying to go healthy without losing any of that sweet magic, what’s a better choice than some exquisitely packaged gourmet dates? This is where Bateel comes in.

The Saudi-based company has established itself as an esteemed gourmet food label since the launch of the first Bateel Boutique in 1991, and has branches in Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, etc. as well as the UK and US, establishing a global reputation as one of the leading purveyors of gourmet food experiences. The franchise, which also happens to be the world’s only premium date grower, producer, and merchant, was brought to Bangladesh by Bexmico Foods Ltd and launched operations on July 17, 2021.

In Arabic, the word ‘bateel’ stands for the young offshoot of a date palm that can be used to grow into a new tree.

Dhaka’s first Bateel outlet is located on Gulshan Avenue, a 1,100-sqft boutique with sleek, minimalist interiors, designed in accordance with the lookbook for all the company’s global outlets, with polished surfaces in warm, inviting desert tones putting the focus on the products themselves.

Bateel is committed to its tradition of cultivation of the dates in Saudi Arabia using state-of-the-art sustainable farming practices, which result in the consistent premium quality of dates. Their well-defined production procedure ensures that the customer’s hand is the first one to touch the date, contributing to the exclusivity of the product. These luxury dates are chemical-free and packed with the fruit’s purest and most natural flavors and nutrients.


On offer at Bateel Bangladesh are seven kinds of plain dates and around 19 gourmet date-based items, along with the brand’s premium biscuits, date biscuits, and dhibs (date syrup) collections. It hosts a large selection of dates with various fillings including crushed nuts and dried and candied fruit.


In addition to their extensive selection of dates, the master chocolatiers of Bateel also offer a delectable array of luxury collection of single-origin chocolates – a selection of truffles, pralines, and ganaches encased in milk, dark, and white chocolate made with the finest single-source cocoa beans, drawing from exceptional flavors from around the globe.


An appreciable variety of quality dhibs are also available at Bateel Bangladesh. Organic date syrup with fresh ingredients like water and citrus added for additional complexities of flavor, these syrups are the perfect condiment to top off your crepes and pancakes with, or to add a burst of sweetness to your baking or afternoon tea.
Boxes of beauty

All of these gourmet offerings are made presentable in Bateel’s signature gift boxes. Packed with care and luxurious flourishes, these boxes make the perfect gift for your loved ones.
For Ramadan, Eid, and beyond, for any occasion worth celebrating with a sweet treat from Bateel Bangladesh.

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