Feast Beneath The Stars

By MWB Desk

Fans of Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings will instantly recognize the name Rivendell, an idyllic Elvish sanctuary where the Fellowship of the Ring was formed. Ahmed Ehsan Kabir Shaan, Rifkat Ahmed, and Rezwan Ul Haque, the three partners who brought us Gotcha – The Art of Tea, wanted to reference exactly that kind of serenity when planning their next food venture, and the result is Rivendell by Gotcha, a multi-cuisine experience, waiting to be explored.


Tucked into a snug lakeside corner in residential Gulshan, the outlet boasts a charming outdoor seating arrangement, a cozy indoors option for inclement weather, and a terraced option for those who want both. In total, the outlet can accommodate up to 100 people, and has hosted football screening sessions, and has facilities for hosting live music sessions as well.


Rivendell describes itself as “multi-cuisine” and this is reflected in their menu, which sports items such as spicy Laksa and Crab Rangoon along with Chicken Cordon Bleu and Seafood Marinara, to name some of the big hits. The menu is constantly being tweaked, based on customer review, but in general is hearty and flavorful, with generous proportions, and is beautifully plated.

What Gotcha is really known for, is its selection of bubble and cheese teas. The East Asian fascination that started a decade ago has put bubble teas firmly within the local food landscape here, but Gotcha was the first to include the relatively new sensation of cheese tea – a creamy, dairy heavy version of bubble tea – into their menu, and by all indications, it’s been a big hit. The Mango Cheese Affair is currently one of their best-sellers.


The very point of braving traffic to dine out, as opposed to ordering in, is to enjoy a meal in a fresh atmosphere, and Rivendell delivers this in spades. From a soothing waterfall feature right at the entrance, to fairy lights twinkling overhead in the spacious garden area, to comforting bamboo-textured walls indoors, to the airy terrace area, the restaurant has truly captured the Rivendell idea of calm and comfort. The location of the restaurant, nestled as it is between high-rise apartments, right next to Gulshan lake, also adds to this feeling of serenity.


The quality of service in mid-range to upscale eateries in the F&B sector in Bangladesh has been on the rise over the past few years, and Rivendell is no exception. As one enters, one is greeted with a smile right at the gate, and there is always a helpful waiter circling around the table to assist with any request, be it for an extra plate or some variation on the sugar level of the selected drink. At Gotcha, you feel lovingly cared for.


A fast-food joint this isn’t, and the prices definitely reflect that. But considering both the quality of the imported teas, and the generous portion sizes, you do get bang for your buck. For a casual, extended hangout with friends over a hearty meal, Rivendell by Gotcha definitely makes the cut.

There are definitely enough touches that sets this place apart from all the competition in the area, but at the outset at least, the promise is definitely there, and that makes it a place well worth checking out.

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