A Modest And Relatable Comedy

By Salman Sakib Jishan

Chorki’s Internsheep keeps it real

A fresh graduate has to face many new experiences like interviews, callbacks, undergoing an internship period, adapting to a new environment, etc. Themes like these have been dealt with in the media before. But with an inside story, the real life of an intern is portrayed through humor in the web series Internsheep exclusively on the OTT platform Chorki. The six-episode series is directed by Rezaur Rahman, with the screenplay written by Kaarina Kaiser.

The main character of this series is Shuvro, played by rising star Shommo Jyoti. He was preciously seen in Hoichoi’s Kaiser. New sensation Sadia Ayman was also there, alongside a bunch of young actors and actresses like Mir Rabbi, Taslima Hussain Nadi, Priyanti Urbi, Sara Alam, Makhnoon Sultana Mahima, Saif Imam, Morshed Mishu, Arpan Chakma, and others. Senior actress Shampa Reza also played an important role here.

In the story, Shuvro joins an agency named “AgenZ” as an intern after graduation. One surprise after another is waiting for him on the first day. All his excitement starts deflating, one by one like a balloon. Then every day adds new work pressure, and new (mis)adventures. How can Shuvro avoid getting crushed between his personal and professional life? How will his name enter in the list of permanent employees? The story continues with these questions. The emotional roller-coaster of relationships and understanding also runs at the same speed.

The best part about the web series is that it is a feel-good series. Modest comedy, relatable and real. It represents youth in all aspects of its color grading and presentation. Various pop culture references, subtle in-jokes, social media meme references abound. Even real influencers, content creators like Rakin Absar, Kareena Kaiser, Dana, are seen making an appearance.

This web series is quite enjoyable. Very little seemed to be trying to force a laugh. Rather, most of the story was enjoyable. There was no exaggeration in acting. The ending could be better. Although the content is said to be suitable for 13+ years, in some cases it felt like it was a bit older.

Getting used to the corporate culture creates tension in thousands of relationships. Just as the nearest and dearest don’t understand what’s going on, neither does the person chasing the career. Managing everything and moving forward is sometimes very tiring. This story should be a message to the youth that, there is life beyond one’s career. The idea of “Career above all else” is thoroughly debunked here.

TVF in India is producing all kinds of content on youth. All the youth of the country are talking about them. It can be said that this kind of work has rarely been done in Bangladesh. Earlier, our viewers had such fun watching some dramas sponsored by Airtel. More and more tasteful content like this is wanted by all.

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