A Triumphant Return

The second season of Moganar didn’t disappoint

By Salman Sakib Jishan

Every alley of this great city is like a maze; the system here is also maze-like. In this labyrinthine battle, someone loses all the way, and someone else becomes a part of this puzzle. This Eid, the much-awaited Mohanagar 2, the sequel to the hit web series Mohanagar directed by Ashfaque Nipun, was released on the OTT platform Hoichoi, and quickly became the talk of social media spurring hundreds of reactions and critiques.

Director Ashfaque Nipun has raised the expectations of the audience with the first season of the cop-crime thriller Mahanagar. It was thrilling, ending on a cliff-hanger. Viewers were waiting to see what happens to OC Harun in the end.

The name of OC Harun has long been involved in conflict with the system. How successful is the popular actor Mosharraf Karim, who played that character this time? To know, you have to watch this web series of nine episodes. Apart from Mosharraf Karim, the series also featured popular actors like the legend Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shamol Mawla, Sarkar Rawnak Ripon, Afsana Mimi, Lutfur Rahman George, Brindabon Das, Tanzika Amin, Divya Jyoti, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Ariana Zaman, and many more.

The story of the first season of Mohanagar covered the events that took place over the course of one night. The story of this season begins in an interrogation room. A duty police officer being interrogated by intelligence or higher authority is a new trope in Bangladesh, but not new in the world. The Indian web series Special Ops can be mentioned as an example. During the interrogation, OC Harun was held accountable for his 20-year career. Unsurprisingly, OC Harun is a morally grey police officer who has had to adapt to the system (and take questionable decisions) to fight it from within. As the story unfolds, the corruption of the police, the coercion of people from the upper ranks of the society, dirty politics, all these issues have come to the fore. In this era in the media, maybe this is a big thing to be praised. And mainly because of these reasons, this series is so popular in two Bengals.

The best part of the series (both seasons) was the character portrayal. The performances of the country’s best actors were unquestionably beautiful. The presentation of the story was also good. A good story has been brought before the audience in a tense atmosphere. There were many references to contemporary events. The politics of the country, the reality inside the police have been boldly presented on the screen. There were three timelines running together in this story, and the time-shifts have been executed flawlessly.
Noting this aspect, popular director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki praised Ashfaque Nipun on social media. The atmosphere of the series, the cinematography was also very good. You also can’t skip the catchy background score. Even the use of proverbs in the naming of each episode is noteworthy. All in all, a perfect thriller. For all this, the skill of the director of the series, Ashfaque Nipun, is commendable.

This brilliant, gritty, cop-crime thriller will be especially remembered by many for OC Harun, as an iconic character. There are not many comparably well-realized characters in contemporary Bangladeshi pop culture, that irresistible blend of humor, flexibility, toughness, cunning, all at once. Besides this season, another legend Fazlur Rahman Babu has appeared in the role of the antagonist. He was throwing riddles in response to OC Haroon’s two-liners. Who can ace whom in the battle of words? On top of that, the director has left a surprise for the audience in the last scene, which will compel the audience to watch the next season.

If there is a complaint, it is that the series lacked visual story-telling, with most of the story narrated through dialogue. If a story runs mostly through dialogue, especially in a thriller, the audience doesn’t get the adrenaline rush it deserves. Another thing, the story of this episode doesn’t have much connection with the previous episode. This sudden change is quite noticeable.

Being close to the truth, this story has become an audience story. It is not difficult to guess what is going to happen in the story. However, there is hardly any work like this bold show. That’s why you shouldn’t miss such a fantastic thriller.

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