Rustic-Chic In 5 Steps

Interior design is gradually reverting towards more earthy aesthetics, a look and feel that is calming and rooted in nature. The Modern Farmhouse style is one that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Here’s how to adapt this style for a Bangladeshi home

By MWB Desk

The Modern Farmhouse design style is all the rage internationally, and deservedly so. The style merges the classic, rustic charm of a traditional North American farmhouse with the clean lines and modern sensibility of contemporary design. The result is a warm and inviting aesthetic that is both practical and stylish. How would this translate into a Bangladeshi household? Let’s look at the ways.

Simple Elegance

One of the hallmarks of Modern Farmhouse design is its simplicity. This means clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a focus on natural materials. Typically, this look requires a lot of neutrals like white and beige, which might be asking for a lot in dusty Dhaka, at least, but you can achieve the same effect with earthy neutrals like soft greys, gentle tans. The rest is about keeping the décor to a minimum and making sure the space is tidy.

Rustic Details

While modern farmhouse design is simple and uncluttered, it also embraces rustic details that add warmth and character. Wrought iron finials for your curtain rods, decorative wrought iron hooks for curtain sashes, vintage trunks repurposed into coffee tables, or an antique alna enjoying a new life as a shoe/umbrella rack in the foyer are all ways in which one can bring a deshi twist to this design style.

Something old, something new

Modern farmhouse design is all about the mix of old and new. This means blending vintage and antique pieces with modern furnishings and decor. Pair an heirloom dining table with sleek modern chairs. Get some edgy contemporary artwork to hang over a vintage divan. Juxtaposing styles adds interest and personality to the space.

Function over form

Home design trends begin to trend because of their beauty, but to make it work the design also has to be practical and functional. To achieve this balance, the focus must be on creating spaces that are comfortable and livable. Comfortable furniture and decor that is durable and easy to clean, and plenty of storage solutions to keep clutter at bay can have your space looking magazine-ready without costing you a lot, both financially and in terms of mental load.

Natural Textures

Another key aspect of modern farmhouse design is the use of natural textures. This is where deshi crafts can shine. Jute rugs? Bamboo baskets? Cane furniture? Khadi pillowcases? We’ve got it all. Throw in some potted plants to freshen up the air, and you’ve got Farmhouse chic with a local twist.

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