6 Questions With Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

The Mission Huntdown star catches us up on her upcoming projects

By Ayman Anika

In October last year, Bidya Sinha Saha Mim graced the cover of MWB, and let us peek behind the covers into her storied life and phenomenal success. This month, she returns for a quick catch up on her new and upcoming projects

The release of Antarjal has been delayed. When can we expect to see the movie in theatres?

Antarjal was supposed to release this Eid ul-Adha. Unfortunately, the release date has been postponed, but you will get to see this movie in theatres very soon – if everything goes smoothly, perhaps this month. The audience has to be patient and wait for confirmation from our production. I am playing the role of a cyber security specialist in Antarjal and you will find many action-packed scenes in this film.

I am very much hopeful about this film as it is our country’s first cyber-thriller – with a star-studded cast alongside me – the audience will not be disappointed after watching the movie.

Much speculation has been about your upcoming web series Mission Huntdown. Will we get to see something new and different from you?

Mission Huntdown is filled with many twists and turns and the plot revolves around a girl who comes to Dhaka from a small village to find her husband. The protagonist Neera goes through many ups and downs and her life is filled with struggle. So, it has been a very different and challenging role for me. I have not played such a character before; so, the audience can certainly expect something new from this web series.

Introduce us to Neera, the protagonist of Mission Huntdown

Neera is a simple girl from a small village, but she has a strong personality. The struggle of her life has shaped her character and you will understand this after watching the series. Neera comes to Dhaka to find her missing husband and joins a fight against a deadly terrorist organization.
Frankly, it has been a challenging role for me but I enjoyed portraying her on-screen. I hope that the audience will appreciate my efforts and fall in love with Neera, just as I did.

What was it like to work with Faruk Sobhan Nayeem?

FS Nayeem is undoubtedly a brilliant actor and I enjoyed working with him. Most importantly, he is very helpful and when your co-actor exhibits supporting behavior, you can act freely and deliver your best performance. So, I truly appreciate his support in Mission Huntdown.
Apart from being a helpful actor, he is essentially a kind-hearted human being and I like this a lot about him.

You have been busy shooting your upcoming film Manush. What is the update on this much-anticipated film?

My shooting for Manush has been completed and I am wholeheartedly excited about this film as I got to work with the amazing Jeet! However, the release has not been decided yet. So, the audience will have to wait for the official announcement, which will be delivered very soon.

We all are excited about your Hoichoi debut. Do you plan to work more on such projects?

Well, this is not my first web series as I have worked on such projects before, which were released on Bioscope. Nevertheless, Mission Huntdown is a very special project to me and if I get equally intriguing projects, I will definitely consider working on them.

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