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Holiday Inn unveils The Ilish

By MWB Desk

Holiday Inn has, over the years, cemented its reputation for reliable service and premium hospitality. A strong brand in 1233 locations all over the world, they are synonymous with great value services, family friendly establishments, genuine hospitality, personal level services, fresh food and beverages.

Dhaka residents, particularly connoisseurs of international cuisine, have a new reason to look forward to their visit to Holiday Inn Dhaka, as the hotel launched The Ilish, a brand-new fine dining restaurant in May this year. Offering an assortment of new and familiar dishes from countries in the Mediterranean region, it promises quite the culinary trip.


Research shows that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest, and linked to longevity. What makes it so exciting is that this fish-heavy diet is also compatible with the Bengali palate, which is also very fond of fish. With a few to finding common roots between the two culinary cultures, Executive Chef Banefus Gomes has designed a menu that utilizes a wide variety of fresh ingredients to provide a new twist on a familiar palate.


Chef Banefus brings in an impressive and remarkable expertise, gathered in over 20 years of professional experience. With a career that has taken him from India to Lebanon to Dubai, Qatar and finally Dhaka, where he has already spent several years, he pulls in a massive amount of culinary know-how into the exciting new venture of The Ilish.

“The king of fishes, Ilish is a good way of introducing the world to Bangladeshi cuisine”


With a name that is a nod to the shared love of seafood between Bangladesh and the Mediterranean countries, the menu at the The Ilish offers Italian, Turkish, Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines. The chef has included his own fusion twist that includes flavors from all around the Mediterranean; he believes it will cater to all the patrons’ taste. Expect to see the Italian delicacy of beef fillet medallions recreated with local tenderloins, and popular Mediterranean kebabs such as Kooobideh and Adana, or the classic lobster dishes. Also on offer is an array of mouthwatering desserts such as apple crème brulee, the Turkish Qatayef, or a familiar and comforting tiramisu.
The entire menu has been priced reasonably so that patrons can enjoy these premium delicacies at an affordable rate.


The restaurant has a breathable 2700 square feet of space that can seat up to 60 people at a time. The interior has a soothing ambience that goes along with the Mediterranean menu, with a tranquil palette of beiges and blues that recall the seaside views. Beautiful lanterns hang from a shiny reflective ceiling and an intricate carpet covers the floor. If you want a quiet time away from the rest of the crowd, there are also private rooms located at one section of the restaurant. This ambience is what makes your time in The Ilish an authentic Mediterranean. Guests will be greeted with complimentary refreshments and amuse bouche to settle in a warm, welcoming environment and get a teaser of what they may experience when they order from the dedicated menu. Finally, after desserts, they can sit down and enjoy the stunning, wide-open view of the city from the 16th floor with a cup of tea.

The Ilish has been taking reservations starting from the 19th of May, it is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. Patrons can call the number, +8801324717025 – 26 to make reservations.

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