The Bald And The Beautiful

Whether you shaved your head or have decided to stop hiding behind caps, here’s how to care for a bald head

By Dhara Vora Sabhnani

So many big action stars of Hollywood,Aalim Hakim points out, be it Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis or Jason Statham, are all bald. “It’s a dynamic style statement. Being bald commands attention,” says the hairstylist to several stars and sportsmen. Aalim, who has also been rocking a bald look for many years now, says it allows for several options when styling facial hair and to work on your jawline as your face is naked. And you can make yourself more than visible with statement glasses and the right clothes. He loves the new freedom in fashion which he says is genderless. “It’s a blank canvas for you to throw paint on. Though being bald used to be a very masculine look, you can push the boundaries of fashion and styling today. You could paint your nails, or wear earrings. Like I wear a nose pin with statement glasses, and including a nose pin and a manicure is not going to make you any less masculine today,” says Aalim, who is often seen sporting cool nail art too. So, whether you choose to shave your head to look tough or just because your hair is falling out, it’s a good time to be bald and beautiful.


A bald look is best enhanced with facial hair and glasses. But make sure to shave your head regularly and on time, to keep the look neat and not show shadow patches of hair growth. Keep the beard neat, clean and sharp, and wash your beard with a beard shampoo and apply beard oil and shine products,” suggests Rupesh Pailkar, creative director and trainer, Jean Claude Biguine Salons. Remember that frequent shaving may also cause friction and irritate the scalp, causing flaking, itching, darkening, and even a burning sensation. Plus, without hair to shield your scalp, sun damage can lead to scalp dehydration. So, it’s important to care for your scalp, like you would your face, and use a light moisturiser daily. “Hyaluronic acid, ceramides (that help rebuild skin) and oats are great ingredients to look for in a scalp moisturiser. You can apply a few drops of coconut oil at bedtime to nourish and protect the scalp skin,” oers Dr Shweta Iyengar, founder, Skinsense Aesthetic Clinic, Mumbai. Use a shaving cream or conditioner to soften the area and ease the process of shaving in a way that friction is reduced. A proper blade or a trimmer to maintain hygiene and prevent invisible nicks and cuts is also advised. Use an antiseptic soothing shaving lotion after shaving. For daily care, you can use a face moisturiser according to your scalp type. It can be a gel, lotion or cream according to your age and if your scalp is oily or dry. Occasionally, when you don’t have access to a good lotion, you can even use petroleum jelly to deal with dryness.“Sunscreen prevents irritation and darkening of scalp skin. Use SPF 30 daily and reapply after four hours. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection,” says Dr Iyengar. And even if you don’t have hair, shampooing is essential. Dr Iyengar says that as the oil glands of the face and scalp are dierent, there are shampoos specially formulated for scalp cleansing as dandru can develop on bald heads, too. “Also, seborrheic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis are possible scalp conditions that resemble dandru, so daily care is important. But it is easier to control dandru with a bald head, as it is easier to keep the area clean and dry,” the doctor concludes.

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