Step Into The Light

A closer look at four paintings by Kanak Chanpa Chakma


Kanak Chanpa Chakma’s work is distinctive for its vibrant colors. She combines semi-realistic and abstract elements to capture the beauty and spirit of her culture and homeland. We take a closer look at four paintings from the collection of Anjan Chowdhury Pintu, that really encapsulates her work. 


These lanterns are lit during Buddha Purnima in the hope that our desires and wishes come to light. The lanterns float in the heavenly sky carrying our dreams.

Kanak Chanpa Chakma is a very talented and dedicated artist who has a deep connection with her roots and culture. She paints the Chakma people with love and respect, capturing their joys and sorrows, their struggles and hopes, their traditions and customs. She uses bright colors and expressive strokes to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere in her paintings. She is not only an artist, but also an ambassador of the Chakma community, who has brought their culture and identity to the forefront of the art world.”
–  Rafiqun Nabi


Monks are moving towards enlightenment, that is, the infinity. The yellow-orange glow on their robes depicts this enlightenment.


“I tried to depict traditional dance of the Mro tribe. In this festival all men and women come together to drink and dance in circles and perform their ritual,” Kanak Chanpa has said of this painting. The red color depicts their festive spirit.


A girl lost in the deep blue waters of the lake. She is adorned with indigenous jewelry and attire.

Image courtesy: From the personal collection of Anjan Chowdhury Pintu

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