The Art Of Gifting

Curato, a one-of-a-kind gifting platform in Bangladesh, in collaboration with local brands and companies, curates visually appealing gift boxes that heighten the art of giving

By Tarin Fatema

Gift-giving is more than just an exchange of items. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories and express heartfelt sentiments. Every gift has its own unique story, it says a lot about the person giving it and their connection with the receiver. A thoughtful gift sparks conversations, evokes nostalgia, and brings people much closer to each other.

One of my love-languages is gift-giving. That’s why it thrilled me to find out about Curato, the modern gifting platform in Bangladesh that seamlessly blends the art of curated presents with the essence of thoughtful gestures, ensuring that each gift box goes far beyond the occasion itself.

Each box Curato offers is centered around a theme, experience, or occasion, with carefully selected products that complement each other. The personalized gift boxes are designed to deliver more than just products; these thoughtfully assembled presents aim to create a long-lasting memory. Whether it’s for a personal occasion, professional, or self-gift, the pre-packaged gift boxes offer the perfect present for any occasion.

Curato offers an extensive range of personalized gift boxes catered to diverse tastes and occasions.


Nothing says “welcome home” like the House Warming Gift Box. Create a cozy ambiance with scented candles, a beautiful cheese board for hosting gatherings, and a stylish salt & pepper grinder set, all selected to make your loved one’s new house feel like a home.

Tk 7,990 BDT


This gift box is designed to fulfill all your chocolatey dreams with a collection of premium ingredients and accessories. A Chocolate Fondue Kit, 100g of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a dippable assortment are included in the box, making it easy to customize your fondue to your liking.

The box also includes 10 tealight candles to set the mood and a recipe card to inspire creativity, making your experience even more enjoyable. The reusable glass jars are the ideal solution to store any leftover chocolate or give it to a friend.

Tk 4,390 BDT


If you’re completely obsessed with this year’s Celebrity Masterchef, or in my case The Bear, this gift box is the perfect excuse to play chef in the comfort of your own kitchen. Gather your loved ones, put on that checkered apron, and create mouthwatering dishes with premium olive oil, spices, and more. Let it rip.

Tk 4,690 BDT


They say, love is in the quality time you spend together. The “Mommy and Me” gift box can be the perfect gift to start a new tradition with the mother figures in our lives. Take an afternoon off to savor the harmony of natural ingredients with the two types of loose-leaf teas and locally sourced honey, while the Honey Dipper and tea-steeping recipe card help create a perfect tea-time ritual.

Tk 4,090 BDT


Curato’s “Pasta Night” gift box makes date night a breeze –.four servings of dry pasta, meaning you won’t have to worry about running out. A bottle of Olio Orollio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, only the perfect ingredient to enhance the flavor of your pasta dish. And to complement your pasta, there’s 100g of both red sauce and white sauce, giving you the flexibility to choose according to your preferences. Especially with the five recipe cards, you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from, or you can create your own signature dish.

Tk 7,290 BDT


This one is my favorite out of all the gift boxes Curato offers. Inside this thoughtfully crafted gift box, you’ll discover a delightful assortment of loose-leaf teas, paired with savory snacks and the most quintessential accessories. Unwind, breathe, and experience pure tea bliss.

Tk 3,690 BDT


This one’s for all coffee fanatics! “Coffee Lover’s Delight” features premium ground coffee, chocolate chip cookies, and adorable ISHO Tropisk Monkey Mugs to enjoy your coffee in.

Tk 4,590 BDT


With a focus on the joy of tea sipping and creating memories, this beautifully curated set celebrates the simple pleasures of life.

The box consists of a pair of ISHO Tropisk Tiger Mugs, the perfect companion to enhance your tea-drinking experience and Royal Masala Tea that offers a rich, aromatic cup that will warm your soul. Choose either the sweet biscuits to satisfy your sweet tooth, or the salty biscuits to enjoy a perfect balance of flavors.

Tk 3,890 BDT


For those who appreciate the finer things in life, this gift box is a treasure chest of coffee delights. Let your inner barista run wild and discover new flavors with a carefully selected French Press, gourmet ground coffee, and delicious biscotti.

Tk 7,290 BDT


Curato’s Pink Hour Gift Box is the ultimate cocktail kit for those who love to embrace their inner glam. Sip in style with the Ocean Coupe Glasses, protect your furniture with the trendy ISHO Pink Leather Coasters, and enjoy the refreshing Pink Citrus Drink Mix. Top it off with some Mini Raspberry Cotton Clouds and some sprinkles!

Tk 4,990 BDT


Homemade popsicles used to be a big part of the summers of my childhood. Curato made it super easy to recreate that memory with their “DIY Popsicle Kit,” an opportunity to have some family bonding time while beating the ridiculous Dhaka heat!

This kit includes a Popsicle Mold that can make up to six popsicles at a time, along with 25 Popsicle Sticks to complete your creations. We’ve also included an assortment of Popsicle Mix flavors, allowing you to get creative with your frozen treats. Please note that the available flavors may vary based on market availability.

Tk 2,090 BDT

Additionally, Curato also offers the convenience of corporate gifting customization, allowing gifters to extend curated gestures of appreciation to valued associates.

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