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Designer Brand Antar-Agni Launches Its First Flagship Store in Kolkata

By MWB Desk

Since 2014, designer Ujjawal Dubey’s brand Antar-Agni has been a favorite for its non-conformist, ungendered silhouettes and beautiful fabrics. This highly celebrated brand is opening its first store in Kolkata.

Antar-Agni is housed in a cozy 900 square foot space with a beautiful vintage vibe that is centrally located on Sarat Bose Road. In keeping with the brand’s aesthetic this space is designed with a minimalist monolithic look while preserving the traditional colonial vibe of the space, juxtaposing two points of view to design, reflective of the brand’s beloved silhouettes. 

 “I love how Kolkata as a city has held onto its old world charm while having its feet firmly in the 21st century. When we conceptualized this store, I wanted to extend that partnership of time and space into our store. Minimalism meeting old world charm is seen in small details across the space including the original mosaic tiles we retained from the structure that forms a foundation of more eclectic pieces like an origami snake lamp that runs along the ceiling.” Ujjawal Dubey 

The space is designed across a central room that branches into smaller personal spaces through limestone arched doorways opening up the space into exciting avenues. 

The store launches with a made-for-Kolkata, limited edition festive drop. The collection plays with the monotones of black, white, and grey.

Address: Antar- Agni
26, Madan Mohan Malviya Sarani,
Chakraberia Road North, Kolkata – 20

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