Tasmina Khan Majles makes her Dhaka debut

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Born in Bangladesh, Tasmina Khan Majles is a visual artist who has made a name for herself in Melbourne, Australia’s lively art scene. While she’s better known for her paintings, she also creates site-specific installations.

Tasmina studied Graphic Design at Curtin University in 2007 and later pursued Master in Creative Arts and Communication at Deakin University in 2019. She achieved significant milestones, such as participating in the renowned XIII Florence Biennale 2021 in Italy. Her artwork, ‘Between Worlds’ was also showcased at the Australian Muslim Artists 2021 exhibition at the Islamic Museum of Australia.

Her debut solo exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh, titled ‘INNER PASSAGES, মন’ which went on display last month delves into the intricate aspects of the human mind. Her artwork reflects emotions, experiences, memories, and dreams; the collective sentiments illustrate the complexities of life during the lockdown and post-lockdown pandemic world. 

Tasmina approaches her art spontaneously letting her inner thoughts guide her brush. She works with watercolor, ink and charcoal on paper, capturing the fluid beauty of the human mind. Each piece tells a personal story inviting viewers to join her on a journey through her mind.
‘INNER PASSAGES, মন ‘ exhibition was open to the public from October 21 to 24.

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