A Tale of Justice and Redemption


Anika Chowdhury

No matter how bitter this truth might be, the character certificate of an individual – more specifically, a woman – is often given by society. The self-proclaimed know-it-all who seems to possess the sceptre of truth can go about the locality, spreading rumours about the rebels and sadly, the civilized members of that very society appear to blindly believe it. 

However, as most web series/movies have shown us, someone eventually takes a stand against the corrupt ones and fights for justice and redemption for the innocent ones. And this is exactly what Mobarok does in the web series Mobaroknama (2023), streamed on Hoichoi.   

Directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul, Mobaraknama revolves around Mobarok, a once-successful lawyer who steps away from his career after mistakenly framing an innocent man. The turning point comes when Mobarok (Mosharraf Karim) decides to represent Suraiya (Shahnaz Sumi), a woman who accuses her brother-in-law of rape. 

The narrative of Mobaraknama resoundingly weaves through the challenges of a legal system fraught with obstacles, especially in cases as sensitive and complex as sexual assault

The cast includes Shabnam Faria, Nowrin Hasan Khan Jenny, Shahnaz Sumi, Sayed Zaman Shawon, Angel Noor, and Sheikh Uzzal Hossen. Shabnam Faria plays the role of Nitu, Mobarok’s wife while Nowrin Hasan Khan Jenny dons the gown of a lawyer and challenges Mobarok in the courtroom as Sabrina.

The story of the series is particularly impactful, as it resonates with ongoing global conversations about sexual violence and the legal hurdles victims often face. Then again, the plot becomes quite predictable as it advances and certainly has the shades of the critically acclaimed 2016 Indian legal thriller Pink.

Though the story of Mobaroknama is quite powerful and relatable, the script lacks detail. Unnecessary melodrama is knitted through the plot, which distracts us from the main theme of the series. The narrative doesn’t flow smoothly but rather lacks continuity – it is as if the director was in a rush to finish the series and left a few scenes half-finished.  

Dialogues dictate the quality of a courtroom drama. However, in Mobaraknama, they felt predictable and repetitive, slackening the plot – especially during the climax.   

The character arc of Mobarok, portrayed brilliantly by Mosharraf Karim, is the backbone of this series. Mosharraf Karim’s portrayal of a man haunted by his past, yet driven by a relentless pursuit of justice, is both moving and powerful. The depth of his performance brings a raw and authentic feel to Mobarok’s character.

Suraiya played by Shahnaz Sumi delivers a strong performance as well, imbuing her character with a sense of realism that anchors the show. The character Suraiya is written with nuance, allowing her to embody the strength and vulnerability of a free-willed woman navigating a patriarchal society. The performances of Shabnam Faria and Nowrin Hasan Khan Jenny also contribute significantly, adding layers to the show’s exploration of morality and justice.

All in all, the impactful and fine performances given by a stellar cast in this show have made all the difference. Mobaraknama would have been a brilliant series if it had the detailing and plot development a courtroom drama needs essentially.

But we must say, how this series shines a light on the societal and legal obstacles faced by survivors of sexual violence is truly praiseworthy. 

Mobaroknama is not just a courtroom drama but also a social commentary on the stigmas and biases that pervade the justice system

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