Infrathin: Exploring the Essence of Existence


Neha Shamim

Art exhibitions are ethereal spectacles, where the very walls resonate with the essence of creative expression. There’s something truly magical about stepping into these spaces. Time seems to stand still as we lose ourselves in the captivating world of the artists, where each painting tells a story through every brush stroke, the colors, shapes, and emotions.

Recently, I stumbled upon an exhibition called “Infrathin: Perspectives into Our Existence.” The exhibition draws inspiration from the concept of “infrathin” itself, which intrigued me. It originated from the brilliant mind of Michel Duchamp, a revolutionary figure in the art world known for challenging traditional ideas about art and reality. Excited to delve into this new experience, I eagerly awaited February 24, 2024, and headed to Edge Gallery Bay’s Edgewater. 

The opening ceremony commenced at 7:00 pm, marking the beginning of a month-long exhibition that pays tribute to the artistic brilliance of 15 distinguished artists, each offering a unique perspective on the intricacies of existence. The exhibition paid homage to the artistic genius of 15 distinguished artists, including luminaries such as Abdur Shakoor Shah, Mohammad Eunus, Tajuddin Ahmed, Azmeer Hossain, Ankul Chandra Majumder, Jamal Ahmed, Rokeya Sultana, Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Mohammad Iqbal, Maksuda Iqbal Nipa, Golam Faruque Bebul, Shambhu Acharya, Anisuzzaman Anis, Md Tokon, and Tejosh Halder Josh. Their collective efforts have played a pivotal role in shaping Bangladesh’s vibrant art scene since the 1970s. With meticulous attention to detail, each artist showcased their masterpieces, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their unique aesthetic vision.

As we wandered through the gallery, we were greeted by a stunning array of artworks, each one telling its own unique story. The exhibition, meticulously curated by Mustafa Zaman, managed to showcase a symphony of artistic logic, where every corner we turned revealed a new masterpiece resonating with the complexities of the aesthetic and social context of each work.  As eccentric art enthusiasts filled the place and time passed, visitors such as diplomats and eager buyers joined the gallery each drawn to the exhibition’s magnetic allure. From abstract paintings to thought-provoking installations, there was something for everyone to enjoy and contemplate.

Drawing inspiration from Duchamp’s philosophy, the exhibition delves into the subtle nuances and intricacies of human existence, seeking to unveil the hidden layers of meaning that lie beneath the surface of everyday life. Much like Duchamp’s own art, which challenged traditional notions of art and reality, “Infrathin” invites viewers to reconsider their perceptions of the world around them.

As my journey through the exhibition almost came to an end, I found myself captivated by the profound depth and richness of the artworks on display. Each piece offered a new perspective, a new insight into the mysteries of existence. By the time I left the exhibition, I felt profoundly moved and inspired, eager to continue exploring the infinite complexities of the human experience.

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