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Nailing the vintage aesthetic of rustic industrial décor

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When a human settlement is old enough, it undergoes massive changes, and entire areas are redesignated for a new purpose. Sometimes these upheavals lead to architectural curiosities that lead to a whole new design aesthetic. The Rustic Industrial décor is one such aesthetic born from gentrification.

Originating from the conversion of old warehouses, factories, and industrial spaces into living areas, Rustic Industrial decor and design emerged as a response to the need for functional yet stylish interiors in urban environments. It celebrates raw materials, exposed architectural elements, and a balance between form and function. 

With a focus on blending natural textures like wood, stone, and metal with utilitarian features such as exposed pipes, ductwork, and minimalist furnishings, this design style is a harmonious interplay between the warmth of rustic elements and the coolness of industrial design, creating spaces that are inviting, eclectic, and full of character. Here are five ways to incorporate this style into your décor.

Keeping it raw and real

With striking similarities to the design philosophy of wabi sabi, this style also emphasizes the natural beauty of raw materials such as reclaimed wood, exposed brick, and aged metals. Incorporate these elements into your space through wall decor, furniture, or architectural details to add texture and character to your designs. By integrating Rustic Industrial decor into your space, you not only enhance its visual appeal but also infuse it with the unique charm and warmth characteristic of this design style. 

Something old, something new

Create visual interest by blending vintage pieces with modern furniture. Pair a weathered leather sofa with a sleek wooden coffee table, or juxtapose industrial lighting fixtures with contemporary artwork to add depth and personality to your space. This fusion of old and new elements not only pays homage to the rustic industrial aesthetic but also adds a touch of sophistication and versatility to your overall design scheme. 

Making it pop

The color palette of this design style is predominantly neutral, with shades of grey, beige, and brown dominating the space. Pops of color through accessories like throw pillows, rugs, or artwork add vibrancy and contrast. Imagine you’re selecting your living room decor – visualize how artwork featuring vivid hues could inject life into the rustic backdrop. By strategically incorporating these colorful accents, you elevate the design, adding vibrancy and personality to your space.

Design by feel

Create visual interest and depth in your space by layering textures and patterns. Mix and match different textures such as rough-hewn wood, smooth metal, and plush textiles to add dimension and tactile appeal. Experiment with geometric patterns, distressed finishes, and worn textures to enhance the eclectic nature of the design style and create a truly unique and inviting environment. 

Cue in the classics

Inject your space with vintage charm by incorporating antique or repurposed items that complement the design style. Consider a space like any of the Café Mango branches in Dhaka – how antique pieces and old architectural elements are repurposed to create areas of visual interest that spark conversation. These additions not only tell a story and contribute to the authenticity of the design but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and character that is quintessentially Rustic Industrial.

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