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How to add a little nautical glam to your space

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There’s something romantic about the notion of seafaring, an idea of boundless adventure, up close with the elements. Especially when one is stuck living in the city with barren concrete edifices as far as the eye can see in any direction, there is a terrible temptation to run away to a coastal destination, where the vibes are more relaxing. Since this isn’t necessarily always a feasible option, you can bring some of that nautical charm into your décor to make your personal space feel a little like an escape from the humdrum. Let’s talk about the 2024 update to coastal décor, and how to incorporate that aesthetic in your home.

Embrace the blues

Recall the depths of the ocean with a palette featuring deep navy, sapphire, and luxurious neutrals like taupe and ivory. These deep colors reflect the dark ocean aesthetic and bring the essence of the sea into your home, setting the stage for your coastal décor.

Don’t forget your greens

An interesting coastal decor idea is to incorporate a touch of green into your designs. Coastal designs tend to emphasize blue shades, but incorporating subtle hints of green can elevate your design. Opt for shades inspired by coastal foliage, like seafoam green or soft sage, through throw pillows, linens, or backdrops to evoke the tranquillity of seaside landscapes. Or better still, bring in the potted palms!

That high-low charm

Traditionally, coastal décor makes use of repurposed natural materials like driftwood and wicker, but you can dial up the glam factor by adding in plush velvets, silks, and polished metals. This contrast creates a rich, layered look that is both inviting and elegant. If you like the nautical style because of the sustainability of using repurposed materials, you don’t have to break the bank and buy new for this update; antique stores and garage sales often yield some timeless treasures, so be on the lookout.

Material matters

No matter your aesthetic, mastering the art of textile layering can really level up your décor game. Embrace a variety of textiles and patterns, whether it’s pairing a luxurious velvet sofa with breezy linen cushions or adding an opulent silk throw. Mixing materials like woods, ceramics, or wicker into your décor adds visual interest and infuses your space with luxurious coastal charm.  


You can follow design guides to a T, but what really makes your space your own is that personal touch. When curating accessories to complete the look of your space, think about your favorite beach-side memories and use that as a guide. Sea/beach themed photographs and paintings, a fun nautical print, a ship’s part repurposed into a décor item, or even a fishbowl filled with sand and seashells as a centrepiece … use your creativity to bring the space to life.

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